Thursday, November 19th | 6:00 p.m.

San Ramon

Scaling Depth:
M-Learning Empowered
Executive Leadership
Do you think M-Learning is for technical education, on-boarding or compliance training? Sure, but it can have a much greater impact when utilized to bring an organizations’ leadership and EQ trainings to employees at lower levels of the organization than would otherwise be financially feasible.

You'll Learn By Doing


In this experiential talk, you'll get hands-on mobile app experience and work through translating frameworks, exercises, and personalized benefits of one-on-one executive coaching into an immersive, social app. The Emerge! App draws upon users own experiences and through guided visualization, journaling, video role play, and other activities intended to develop self-awareness, leadership character traits, effective decision making, and relational skill in employees throughout an organization.

Who should come?
| What Will I Learn?
  • Instructional designers, E-Learning & M-Learning Specialists will gain insight and develop their own perspective on what  does and does not translate well into the app.
  • Department Heads of HR and Learning/People Development (CLOs) will walk away with new ideas about scaling leadership and talent development across multiple company teams, regardless of the diversity of teams’ specific responsibilities.
  • Managers and Organizational Development practitioners will gain new insight about transforming small groups or whole companies into flatter, more sociocratic, holarchical, and empowered organizations.
  • Trainers and Coaches will gain insights into how they can improve their teaching and direct coaching based on the framework and skills presented.

A 3-Part Event

  1. Learn  the basic framework and methods developed by Executive Coach David Lesser’s to help clients transform their character liabilities into character strengths.
  2. Experience the Emerge! app for yourself.
  3. Open space discussion and Q&A based on participants’ own work conditions and goals.


Competency Addressed: Leadership & Learning Technology

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NSA / NC Speaker's Academy Presents

Stand Up, Speak Out, Cash In

On Saturday, July 11th | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Great speakers and presenters are rare and valued. In this highly interactive program that includes live coaching, you'll gain more speaking skills in four hours than you thought possible (even if you've been doing public presentations for years). Presentation skills expert Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, will show you how to get your message across with power and charisma. She'll be coaching and you'll be doing. YOU WON'T BE BORED, but you will leave a better speaker / presenter than when you came. ATD SF East Bay members get a "2 for 1" discount. As our chapter is a founding member of the NorCal Consortium, our members are now affiliates of NSA/NC. You can invite a friend and split the $45 registration fee.                           Learn more and register
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Want to be a Top Paid Speaker?
Check out the Upcoming Speaker's Academy
Consortium Launched at Meeting in San Jose

On Wednesday, April 29th

What is the NorCal Consortium?
Would you like a chance to meet colleagues from all the professional development specialties in Northern California? Then here's your chance at this mega cross-organizational meetup titled...

ATD SF East Bay is now part of "The NorCal Consortium" of professional development associations that also includes the Golden Gate Chapter, the Bay Area Human Resources Executive Councel (BAHREC), SF ICF (International Coach Federations), National Speaker's Association (NSA) and the South Bay ODN (Organizational Development Network)
Last Year's Big Event:Fire Walker Image

Several ATD SF East Bay Members Became FIRE-WALKERS!

In partnership with Anthony Robbins International, our chapter meeting last May, "Using Peak Performance to Have a Breakthrough Career Year," inspired several members to attend the Tony Robbins "Unleash the Power Within" weekend event last June. They report that it was unbelievably impactful. They learned how to control their state and then demonstrated that control by walking across a bed of hot coals without suffering any burns whatsoever. It was a living, experiential metaphor for how much more we are capable of achieving in our lives and careers, and a weekend with the power to change everything!

Uleash the Power Within

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