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                                             Monday, October 20th | 5:30-7:00

If Dogs Could Talk:
"Simple, Powerful Techniques to Graphically
-Empower Your Training Presentations"


Rod Dunican Pic      
Rod Dunican
Training Executive and
Audience Engagement Expert
Competency: Instructional Design / Presentation Design

By the end of this meeting, you will learn how to
create graphic images (by practicing little know, yet powerful techniques anyone can learn and use) to enhance learning and engagement, to produce much more impactful presentations.

Key Topics & Take-aways

  • Put an end to "Death by PowerPoint"
  • Release your inner artist (even if you can't draw) to create low-tech graphics for hi-tech learning
  • Make your smart phone even smarter while harnessing our power of observation
  • Harness "The Power of the Pen"
  • Overcome PowerPoint's graphic limitations
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Several Mt. Diablo Members Now FIREWALKERS

Our May 20th chapter meeting "Using Peak Performance to Have a Breakthrough Career Year" inspired several members to attend the
Tony Robbins "Unleash the Power Within" weekend event on
June 26-29. They report that it was unbelievably impactful. They
learned how to control their state
and then demonstrated that control
by walking across a bed of hot coals without suffering any burns
whatsoever. It was a living, experiential metaphor for how much more
we are capable of achieving in our lives and careers,
and a weekend
with the power to change everything!

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